Sunday, May 13, 2018

Pacifier Weaning

Now that Cannon is one, we have been working on weaning him from his Paci. I know there are lots of different opinion about this, but as a family we feel it is time to begin this process. He was very attached to his bottle and luckily we were able to wean him completely off of that before he was one. However, if he happens to see a bottle he will squeal with such excitement. It is kinda sad. I feel bad for him but know this is a part of him getting older.

The paci weaning (or as we call it in our house Beeca/ chupeta) is hard for me because I see how much he loves it. We decided to start weaning him from it when we noticed that as soon as we removed it from his mouth he would begin talking. We feel like it may be keeping him from talking more so we decided to remove it. For the last two weeks we began taking the beeca away when he was awake. We would give it to him for naps and bedtime. This was our way of slowly transitioning him away. Today is the first time ever that I have put him down for a nap and not offered him the beeca and boy did he protest. In fact, he protested for 23 minutes to be exact! I told my husband to talk me off the ledge because every fiber in my being wanted to run upstair and give him the beeca. I am hoping the next few naps go a little smoother for the poor little guy. Prayers for mommy!

Update 1 6:04 pm: It took us 11 minutes for Cannon to lay down on nap number two. This is much better! He has not had a beeca all day! He did however find two upstair and came walking around the corner with one in his mouth and one in his hand. 

Update 2: Cannon has done very well without his beeca. Last night he protested on and off for 8 minutes and then fell asleep. He slept through the night without one and woke up at his normal time. During the day we were traveling and he fell asleep for both naps without it as well. Tonight the verdict is still out. 

Update 3: we are about two weeks into no beeca and I think we are finally finished. I am not going to lie, we had some rough nights. Ione included no sleep until 4 in the morning. I gave in around 4 and started over the next day. It feels so freeing not having to replace that Paci all night. Now Cannon sleeps all night and doesn't need me to replace the Paci. Thank God! He falls asleep within 5-10 minutes each night/nap and is back to sleeping well.

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