Sunday, August 4, 2013

It Is Almost Here!

Well I have finally made my BTS To-Do list and now it has really set in...summer is over. I know everyone is getting all their last minute things together and stressing about having everything ready but I love this part of the year. I get so excited when it is time to redecorate, plan and reorganize. I love the first few teacher work days. I get myself a coffee, dress up in my new teacher clothes and break out the new mechanical pencils to take extra neat notes. I always start the year with such high hopes. I am really hoping this year is my year! I will be organized!!!

This year, I decided to use the QR codes that we have been using in class to create a back to school contact page for parents. This way on Meet the Teacher night parents will be able to scan the poster and instantly have all the information they will need for the year. I have also decided to use Remind101 to keep the parents up to date. If you haven't heard of this before you should really look into it. I know my parents are just going to love it!