Thursday, November 15, 2012

To Geofinity and Beyond!

Soon my students will be learning how to measure angles and calculate area and perimeter  Since this is typically a difficult concept for students to grasp, I was excited to find a wonderful unit to use to help teach it. Since hearing about this unit from a colleague and friend, my mind has been reeling with ideas about how I can take this unit and extend it for 4th and 5th grade concepts.

This March my friend and I will be presenting this unit at the North Carolina Association for Gifted and Talented conference. Below is a blurb about our presentation at the conference. Hopefully we will see you there!
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Join geometric aliens as they explore geometry and measurement in a world filled with polygons! Geofinity and Beyond is a standards based presentation on the use of Geofinity, a program for young mathematicians by Pieces of Learning. Hands on learning activities and opportunities for door prizes await spatial travelers who want to explore extending and enriching a math unit for gifted learners.

 If your going to be there we would love for you to stop by. If you can't make it, you can purchase the unit itself from Pieces of Learning.

Pieces of Learning

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