Friday, August 3, 2012

"Booking" A Trip Through North Carolina Part 2

Well since summer is almost over I have began outlining my unit for next year. So far I have probably ordered over 20 books. Looking back I should have ordered these books a lot earlier in the summer so that I would have had time to read them all. 

Today I received some of the mysteries I ordered from the Carole Marsh series and I already finished reading The Mysteries of the Graveyard of the Atlantic. These mysteries are centered around real events and places. Although she has about 40 different books in the series I only ordered the books that occur in North Carolina.

I also researched famous authors in North Carolina and came across Shelby Stephenson's work. He grew up on a small farm in southeastern North Carolina so I knew his work would be perfect. Of course I had to order his greatest hits. My favorite poem of his is called Balm and it is written about a hummingbird although he never says what he is describing. This poem reminded me of some of the poems from Jacobs Ladder, so I have created a Jacob's ladder style activity to go with some of his pieces. 

I also ordered this HUGE wall map of North Carolina to put on one of our bulletin boards. We are going to use this large map to chart our journey. We will mark each of the places we read about and even place post cards and artifacts on the map as we go.

Below are some of the other books I have ordered in case others are interested in doing a similar unit:

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  1. Are you teaching a SS class, or just pulling it into your reading block? Our AIG teacher is freaking out she may have to teach SS in her reading block!