Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Math Workshop and a FREEBIE

I love running math workshop and this is the first year that I have felt like I have a good grip on things (partially due to the help of our AIG teacher and a resource she recommended). I run math workshop during my math class and then I run a separate math workshop during our intervention and enrichment time.

I have 24 math students and I have them work with the same partner all year. Although next year I will change partners every nine weeks. Since I have 24 students I have 12 math workstations going on at one time. During these stations students are working with activities that appeal to their learning styles. Everything that is in each center fits the unit that I am teaching.

My favorite math workshop resource is the Marcy Cook tiles. Our AIG teacher showed me these wonderful math activities last year and my students really enjoy learning with them. As a teacher, I love that these activities all include higher level thinking skills and students think they are just playing a game. If you are not familiar with these activities they are really cheap to purchase and every skill you want to teach you can purchase an activity for. Even better than the fact that they are cheap, is that I don't have to make any copies. All that I need is included in the envelope. Below is a picture of two of my students using the Marcy Cook Math Tiles. They are playing the Tens and Ones Place Value Tiles

Since I have been looking at how to fine tune my math workstations for next year, I created new center cards to label each center with. What I do is make three copies of the center cards. First, I mount and laminate them. One copy is used to number the cubby that the game belongs to. The second copy I use to attach to the game itself so there is no mistake as to where it belongs. The third copy is is used in my pocket chart so students know which station they will be at for the day.

Click the picture to pick up

 a free copy of the math cards


  1. I definitely want to check into Marcy Cook Math. It sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing the math cards!! :)

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  2. For kids these workshops are very helpful as they enhances their creativity and mental ability.biology text books of cbse board

  3. Thanks for sharing your math centers - that's something I want to improve on for next year, so I'm definitely going to have to check out your recommendations!


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  4. I'm moving to 2nd next year after 14 wonderful years in 3rd. I've been following you for a while, but will be stalking you much more often!

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  5. Great idea! So glad to have found you! Would love for you to stop by if you have a moment to my newbie blog :)

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