Friday, August 15, 2014

A Peek Into My Classroom

Well friends I have spent the last week and a half decorating my classroom and I STILL have so much work left to do! The worse part is I am still waiting on a shipment from Really Good Stuff which is why there is no border around my alphabet set in the picture. I also ordered tons of new neon bins and so I have a lot more left to label.  I am hopeful my shipment will be in next week and then I will post an actual classroom tour with links to the products I have purchased incase you are interested in buying them yourself.

So far I am really loving the way my classroom has turned out. I am still sticking with the black, white and neon color scheme and have found tons of cute things on TPT to support my nasty decoarting habits. However, one thing I could not find was editable book bin lables in my color sceme so I decided to make some. Then my OCD kicked in and I decided to label my math workshop centers, supplies and basically every other item in my classroom. I figured some of you may have been looking for similar labels so I have provided a link to the Power Point I used to make my labels. All you have to do is open the file using Power Point, select the font you want ( I used Annoying Kettle) and begin typing away. I  decided to leave the labels that I used on the Power Point, however if you do not want those, you can just delete the slide. Also, if you want to change the black to a different color feel free to do so using this file. Hope this helps!

Click on the picture below to access my file


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  1. Good work. I love the colors and your organization is commendable. :)
    Simply 2nd Resources