Sunday, June 1, 2014

BookExpo America 2014

This week I was blessed to travel to the 2014 BookExpo America in New York City. I had never been to this expo but had read lots of wonderful things about it. Basically, this event is held every year for book authors, publishers, printers, librarians and other literary agents to network and share resources. When I  arrived at the Javits Convention Center it was breathtaking. The whole building is made of glass! I did not take this picture, but it shows just how beautiful this work of art really is.

I was shocked to see just how many different exhibitors were present. The best part about this conference is that most of the books throughout the convention are available to attendees for FREE. I was shocked! As a teacher, I was like a kid in a candy store. The purpose behind this convention is to put your books in the hands of people who might like it and include it in their inventory. I saw so many talented authors at this expo.

Like the wonderful Jeff Kinney

This is a picture of me and Julia at our Booth

I collected so many books that I was worried about how I was going to get them all home, but no fear... the convention center had already thought of that. Downstairs there was a shipping station so that attendees could ship home all the books they had picked up. I probably collected somewhere near 20 children's books. I arrived at the convention center at 9 a.m. and walked around until my book signing. Then, I walked around again until 3:30. Even though I spend all that time walking around I was still unable to see all the great exhibitors. Since many of you reading this post are bloggers, you are actually able to purchase a pass for the show next year. I encourage you to do so if you live near the area. You will not regret it.

After the event, my husband and I went back to a wonderful bakery shop we had found called Magnolia Bakery. It was amazing! We ordered cheesecake (I normally do not like cheesecake) and it was so delicious. In fact it was so good, we went back each day to buy a few different flavors. This one was pecan carmel. It tasted just like creme brûlée.

The last night we were in NY we attended a Broadway show with the rest of the Boys Town crew. We had such a great time. We saw Kinky Boots and even my husband said he really enjoyed the show. I highly recommend it if you are able in the area.


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