Monday, April 7, 2014

My Publishing Journey- Part 2

If you missed part one of this post you can catch up here.  For the rest of you, let's travel back to last May... after emailing Julia, she graciously put me in contact with her wonderful publishing company Boys Town Press and I emailed them my manuscript. Many people have asked me about the format needed for manuscripts and the answer is different depending on the publishing company. I typed mine up just like a typical paper and left breaks where I wanted the pages to be. If you are considering sending in a manuscript I suggest you look at that publishing companies’ guidelines for submission. Typically these are located on their website.

Anyway, after sending in my manuscript I waited patiently. Ha! Who am I kidding? I was a nervous wreck.  I bet I checked my email 20 times every day. Then, a week or two later I checked my email and saw that there was an email from one of the Directors at Boys Town Press. I opened the email so quickly that I didn’t have anytime to think about what it might say. Once I started reading it I saw that it asked if we could set up a time to talk. I was shocked! They wanted to talk to me? At first I stared at the computer smiling in amazement and then I hit print (I think I needed proof that this actually just happened). Of course I danced around my room for a while and then I ran and called my husband who is used to my crazy antics. He was really excited too, but probably just as shocked as I was. 

After I got off the phone with him, the worry set in. What if they didn't like my book? What if they were just going to give me some advice? Either way, it was better than nothing so I allowed myself a few minutes to fret and then I went back to dancing. 

Several weeks later we had our first phone conference and it was clear to me that they liked my book and wanted to publish it. After that initial phone conference we had several more to nail down specifics about content and eventually illustrations. I have to say that seeing your written word interpreted by an illustrator has been the most exciting part of this process. Tune in next week to hear more about the illustration process.

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  1. Wow you sure are one talented little lady! I am your newest blog and instagram follower :) So here's a award for you- The sunshine blogger award! Check out my blog to see what you do next! : )