Sunday, December 1, 2013

Helping Students Make Positive Choices- The Garden in My Mind

Behavior management can either make or break a school year. Good teachers know this and spend the first few weeks teaching students classroom routines and  expectations. It is important to start teaching positive behaviors from the first day of school and then revisit it every so often throughout the year (especially after Christmas break).

Each year, I look for new and unique ways to help my students understand what positive behaviors are and how to avoid getting caught up in negative behaviors. As a teacher, I have noticed that even very well behaving students can get caught up in negative behaviors from time to time. This is why I decided to write the picture book, The Garden in My Mind. I have found that this picture book really helps my elementary age students understand how to make positive choices because it explains these behaviors to them in a way in which they can relate to.

In addition to the picture book, I also created a teacher's guide. This activity guide is packed with great resources. These activities teach Common Core skills as well as help students learn to make positive choices.

To  pre-order you copy of The Garden in My Mind click the books below.



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