Saturday, November 2, 2013

November 4th- Support Your Teacher Day

After much debate, North Carolina parents, teachers and students have decided that on November 4th, 2013 we will rally together to fight for better mandates for education. Originally Wake County teachers proposed a walk out on this date, but after much debate and well fear, teachers decided it would be best to "walk in". During this "walk in"North Carolina teachers will attend the next local board meeting along with many parents and even students to express their concerns. I for one feel a change coming in North Carolina education. Not only are teachers dejected, but so are parents. I am thankful that these parents are standing up and being the voice for teachers. In my school, our PTA has rallied together to express how valuable teachers are. It's times like these that I fee proud to be an educator. I am asking that everyone show their support for educators over the next few days. Please don't forget to wear red this Monday!


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