Monday, July 22, 2013

Library Setup- Black and Neon

Well today I decided to head back to my classroom and get everything setup. I am SO glad I did. The school was so quite. I was able to completely reorganize my room in less than three hours. My big focus this year as always is reorganizing my library. I can't help it but the reading geek in me always shifts back to the classroom library. Today I ordered almost 30 bins from Really Good Stuff based on what I saw in this post. I ordered the neon colors below.
Classroom Stacking Bins - Neon Colors

I really want to decorate my room in black and neon.I don't think I can make it work but after looking at Ladybugsteacherfiles post it is very tempting.

I am going to order these cute library labels for my classroom this week. If you are into this theme you will have to visit Ladybug's Teacher Files.

And how cute are these!!! OMGEEE


  1. Oh my goodness, thank you for the lovely shout-out! I was excited to see the bins and didn't expect to see my labels, thank you again.

    I love the bright colored storage from Really Good Stuff it makes the room so happy and cheerful :)

    1. Kristen your stuff is amazing. I spent way to many hours last night looking, dreaming and shopping. I will be buying tons soon :)

  2. I decorated In brights last year and used a lot of Kristen's ideas! The kids love it!