Thursday, February 21, 2013

Propaganda Techniques

I hate to say it but we finished our last chapter of The Secret Garden yesterday. My friends really enjoyed the book and are hating that we are finished. Next week we are going to have popcorn and watch the movie. We also just finished our unit on propaganda techniques. My students adored learning about the ways that advertisers persuade us. The culminating project for both of these units was for students to create a commerical to "sell" The Secret Garden to their peers. They had to use the propaganda techniques we learned about and also include story elements.

In order for the students to understand what they were suppose to do some of my teamies and I created our own commercial. We are using the "name dropping" technique to sell the book. I work with some of the most amazing teachers as you can tell! We filmed this at 6:30 Monday night!

Here is a look at one of the edits of the commercial. Ignore the ending, we had not stopped recording yet!


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