Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Using Technology Outside the Classroom

This year my class and I have really kicked it up a notch with technology. I am thankful that I have a wonderful group of parents who like for their students to be challenged and have embraced the ways we use technology within our classroom.

This year I signed all of my classes up for Edmodo. If you have not used this before it is like a Facebook for students. When I signed my students up for this they were thrilled.

So how do we use Edmodo in our classroom? 

Summarizing: Every night my students read a chapter in their class novel and then they write a ten word "gist" for the chapter. Currently we are reading The Phantom Tollbooth and Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH.

Reviewing what was taught: Each day I record my reading and math lessons via SMART recorder. I then post the lessons online so that students can go on and watch the class again.

Connecting: When students are sick or out of town they can log onto Edmodo and watch the lesson for the day. This allows students be view important concepts and enables them to return to school on the same page as everyone else.

Empowering: Edmodo gives my students a voice. For example, students discuss books they have read and make book recommendations for their peers. Enabling students to share what is important to them is empowering.

Show and Tell and field trips: Last week at lunch my students were discussing how they wish we had a bring your pet to school day like they kindergartners at our school do. I thought about this and told them they could bring their pet to school "virtually". They recorded they pets and posted the videos for their friends to see.

I am thrilled with how our class has improved due to Edmodo. How are you using Edmodo within your classrooms?


  1. Hi! I'm your newest follower & I love your Edmodo ideas. Not all of my students have access at home, so I make sure we use Edmodo and other tech. at school to the best of our ability. My 5th graders are currently tracking the weather for 5 cities of their own choosing using Google Earth and send me their "weather reports" daily on Edmodo. Students who finish their work early are using FlipCams to record their "weather broadcast". I'm planning on sharing more on my blog. Hope you'll stop by and consider following me. http://stimulatingsciencesimulations.blogspot.com/

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