Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NC Teacher Evaluation Instrument

Today I went to a training on the teacher evaluation instrument and I was very enlightened so i thought I would share some of the things that stood out to me.

 I would say the overall theme of the meeting was in the next 20 years jobs will require a new skill set in order to keep up with the new technology, and therefore teachers will need to teach these students new ways of thinking and problem solving.This new evaluation instrument should be looked at as a growth model and not an overall  average of the previous evaluation. 

 Some of the key points I got from the meeting:

  • Technology is only a part of 21st century skills. Others include life and career skills, information and media skills.
  • Empower students by talking about college, referring to them as the class of ... (more to come on this later). Empowering students gives them a sense of ownership and motivation. Standard 1
  • Teachers who are rated "distinguished" will have to be going "above and beyond" what you are payed to do in your job description.  Leadership in your classroom, schools and profession are part of this category. 
  • Lesson plans and data are important to the evaluation process, principals may ask you for your lesson plans during pre-observation conferences. *I would include a list of how the lesson is differentiate for students. 
  • Almost all teachers were "above standard" in the old model. You can not transfer "above standard" in the old model to "distinguished" in the new model.
  • The standard of what is expected of teachers is significantly higher than before. No more checklist (started on time, have materials, rules posted).
  • These 5 teaching standards went into effect three years before the evaluation instrument came into place. 
  • Collaboration is key so that you are able to do all the things within this instrument without over working yourself. Don't reinvent the wheel.
  • Kids need it mixed up all day long. Present short mini-lessons. Don't teach whole group all day. In whole group settings research shows that only 25% of students get the information.
  • Help students understand the connection between content areas. Tell them why they need to learn this. Make it relevant!
  • Planning, if done correctly, is the hardest part of our job. Once we are teaching, it is up to the students to work and teachers to facilitate.
  • Developing means you are at the awareness stage but have not mastered it.
  • Proficient means you are solid and have mastered it.
  • Accomplished means it is natural to you and you can do it without looking.
  • Distinguished means that you consistently and significantly exceed expectations. This is not what you are payed to do. It is far above! At this level you are doing much more than what is asked of you as a teacher.
  • Not demonstrated is very rare and should not happen in most cases since this is a growth model. 

What are the standards?
Standard 1- Leadership 
Standard 2-  Establishing a respectful environment for diversity
Standard 3- Teachers know the content
Standard 4- teachers facilitate learning
Standard 5- Teachers reflect
Standard 6- New piece (based on data)

I hope this helps everyone better understand this instrument and what is expected from teachers. I could go into  hours of explaining each standard and I may later. For now if you have any specific questions I can can help you with, I will try to answer them.

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  1. You did a PERFECT job explaining the NC standards. Thanks for sharing.