Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Freebie

I have been all jazzed up for Halloween lately so I decided to ditch the grammar books and create my own I Have Who Has main idea / details game for Halloween. I have already played this game with my students and they loved it! Not only was it a great way to practice main idea and details (which can be incredibly tricky for second graders) but it is also a great lesson to teach listening and speaking skills. I have all of my students bring their chairs to the center of the class and we make one big circle. After we review the roles of a listener and speaker we start the game. I try not to take part in the game at all. I allow the students to speak up if they can not hear and ask the speaker to please repeat the question. I also try to record notes about the positive and negative behaviors I observe and then we talk about them after we play the game. I have also extended this lesson by having students create their own I Have Who Has cards based off of main ideas and details. Whenever we get ready to play the games they kids get very excited. I have added this game to my TPT store for free, so if you would like to download it head on over and pick up a copy. This is my first time using TPT so if it does not work properly please let me know.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I am doing main idea and details this week. You are so right about it being hard for some second graders. Thanks again.

    2B Honey Bunch