Monday, September 5, 2011

Cricut Versus Silhouette

I need you help. I have been looking around at Cricut machines and silhouettes  and I wondered which one is the best one to buy. I love all the items that you can make using vinyl and that wil probably be the biggest reason I want one. I also love the the silhouettes heat transfers, because I can make shirts for my husbands team., but I wanted to know if any of you have one and what you use it for? What problems have you noticed and where did you buy it?
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  1. I had a Cricut and decided I would rather have a Silhouette. The Cricut cartridges are expensive and you don't have to use cartridges for the Silhouette. I think the new Cricut might not need cartridges either. I would just try to stay away from the cartridges because it really isn't worth the extra cost. The Silhouette seems to do more things.

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  2. I agree... the cricut cartridges are a hassle. I have one and it gets frustrating when I can't make exactly what I want because I need a different cartridge.

  3. I have a cricut, and I love it. The cartridges are sometimes annoying to have to keep changing, but the machine does everything I want it to. I have used it to cut letters and shapes for my class, as a die-cut for our Mother's day project, and I use is A LOT for my own personal scrapbooking. I just started using it for class at the end of last year, I don't know what in the world took me so long to realize how much I could do with it there. I have not yet purchased any vinyl, but that is my next step. Hope that helps!

  4. I love my Silhouette! I don't have to buy cartridges, I can use any shape, clipart, or font I want and it cuts just about anything. You also have the option to use color print and have it cut out those images. I bought mine on, but Silhouette's website always runs specials. A new one is coming out in Early Fall! I would hate to buy all those cartridges!


  5. I have a cricut and I love it! I also have Cricut Design Studio - a computer program that lets you be a bit more creative, changing shapes, stretching, flipping, welding shapes together. It's wonderful! I use it for cards and scrapbooking but I've used it a lot this year with my bulletin boards.

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  6. Thanks for posting about this!! I posted a while back on the same topic but didn't get that many responses!

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