Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Phonological Awareness Activities

     The last two days, I attended a reading workshop and I really enjoyed it. Most of you know I love reading and so maybe I'm a geek in that way, but I thought I would share some things I learned. You may already do some of this already.

     One of the things we talked about was how to teach children that words are made up of individual sounds, and that those sounds go together to make one word. So a cute way to show them this idea would be to print pictures of animals and then cut them like the example above. In centers, students can push the picture and say the sound. For students who are proficient with this, give them the picture and have them cut the picture for the sounds they hear.

     Another cute idea I seen to teach phonological awarness is to place two cups inside each other. On the example above I have lower case letters and on the other cup I have capital letters. Then, students rotate the cup until the have a match. I also thought you could use this to teach onset and rime (a great resource for the most common rimes is walke.com). On one cup you could place (m) and on the other cup (op). You could use this with math or any other subject.
   The second picture is of a stick and at the end a hairbow. You can have students use the stick to show phoneme segmentation and blending. For example, you ask the child to tell you the sounds they hear in map. The child holds the stick at her shoulder and says /m/, then she slides it to her elbow and say /a/ and then to her wrist and says /p/, finally with one sweeping motion she blends the word together "map".


  1. Love the cup idea! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I looooveee the idea of cutting up the pictures! Sounds like a good beginning of the year center!

  3. You're so smart and creative!! If you think of any good creative things for 4th grade math, I would LOVE them ;) hehe

  4. 'Great ideas... thanks so much for sharing them.

    Just one heads-up, though: You have a typo in the title:
    "awareness" is missing one of its letters.