Thursday, July 21, 2011

How I Use Post-It Notes in My Class

     Create, Teach, Share is hosting a linky party about how teachers use Post-It notes in their classroom, and since I adore Post-It's I thought I would join in on the fun. One way I use Post-It notes in my class is to teach QAR (Question Answer Relationship) and comprehension. After going over the types of questions, I have students use the sticky notes to come up with their own QAR question types. This allows me to see if students really understand the question types, it is one thing to see recognize the question types and it is a whole other to apply what you know and create your own questions. After the students have each came up with six of their own questions, they swap papers with their neighbor and flip the sticky note up and answer the question.

     Another way I use Post-It notes, is when I am doing a mini lesson. For example, this week at our summer book club meeting, I was taught the Read, Cover, Remember strategy. I had students monitor their comprehension by reading a page, covering it with their hands and then writing in their own words on the Post-It what the gist of the page was. My students really loved this strategy and it was helpful to see who could do a whole page at a time, and who could only do a paragraph.

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  1. Both of these ideas are brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing and for joining my post-it party!


  2. Love the read cover retell strategy partnered with the post it note. Could totally use it for guided reading groups.