Friday, July 8, 2011

Daily Five Choices

    My students love Daily Five time and I have tried to include lots of things to that are educational and fun. Each Daily Five station has a supply table within the room that students can choose which items they want to use for the day.
Listening To Reading
I always include a directions sheet (which is the purple stand you see in the back * I got it for FREE from Highlights Magazine) crayons, pencils, a copy of the text and a comprehension type sheet. In the picture you see below we were learning about poetry. The poem is a Shel Silverstein poem and the students can actually hear him reading it. then they had their own copy of the poem to add to their poetry book. The directions asked students to think about the imagery that the poet used and try to create their own poem.

Word Work
     Each week I have 6 regular spelling lists mounted and laminated and 6 challenge spelling word lists. I make these list the size of a bookmark so students can grab their list and bring it to their "Word Work" station. I store my lists in a magnetic container I found at the Dollar Store.

     At the beginning of the year I ask my parents to donate all kinds of things that they have at home that they are not using to place in my "Word Work" center. I ask for any old keyboards, and then I cut the cords off.  Students love to type their spelling list on these.
I also buy Crayola window markers, letter stamps, letter pasta, Play Dough, gel pens, black paper and any other supplies that students love to work with.This year I have also created Smartboard games that work with the spelling pattern of the week.
Read To Self / Read With a Partner
For my "Read to Self" or "Read with a Partner" I have supplies placed near the library for them to use. I have whisper phones, book marks, stick notes and boys and girl pointers. This is a picture of the pointers my girls use while they are reading. I found these in the party supplies section at Hobby Lobby. The boys use monster claws to trace while they are reading.
At the writing table I have a book I found at the Dollar Store that has baby names. Students use this book when they are trying to think of characters to create for their story. I also have dictionaries, thesauruses, lots of different types of papers, pencils, pencils, markers, glue, crayons, scissors and a laminated writing tool kit. The picture above shows how I spotlight good writing. I try to rotate this everyday. The kids love it and they always come straight in the class to see which piece is published today.

Are there any cute supplies you use during Daily Five ?


  1. I love the idea that students use the baby name book to think of names for their characters. I'm excited about starting Daily five this year. Thanks for the ideas!

    Swimming into Second

  2. What a great post! I love the idea about using old keyboards and the spotlight on reading! Love, love, love! Adding that picture to my pinterest. Thanks for the fabulous ideas! :)

  3. I love your spotlight on reading. I have three old keyboards that I can use for spelling practice, too. Mucho gracias!

    Blessings to you!

    Melly <><