Thursday, June 2, 2011

Show Me Your Classroom

I have been so busy lately with the end of school, that I have not even had time to stalk blogs! Hopefully after this week things will return to normal. Anyway, I have been asked by several of my blog friends to show  more pictures of my classroom, because they can't believe how I can fit two couches in my room. I was surprised at how much bigger my classroom seemed after I organized the room differently. I did not post a picture of all the students desks but there are 24 desks broken into three groups. I leave the center of the room open (which you can not see) so that my students can sit there while I am teaching at the Smartboard. You also can not see their cubbies. I would love to see what each of your classrooms look like inside.


  1. I love all of your seating areas (benches, couches, etc.)! I wish I could fit all of that into my space! I keep telling my husband we need new couches at home so I can take our old ones to school hahaha... needless to say that hasn't worked yet :)

    Love your space, thanks for sharing!
    Amy Lemons

  2. wow-- great space! I wish we could have the "homey" items in our classroom but our district is super strict about codes and amt of paper on the walls. Right now our room is a mess because we have to completely pack it up and move classrooms. I'll post pictures when I can get back in the building in August.

    Thank you!
    Primary Connections

  3. I LOVE your room, everything looks so nice and organized, very inviting!! I'll be moving from 2nd to 4th next year to another school and I am looking forward to a new layout to work with and setting up my room for next year!!!


  4. Oh yea you have lots more room than I do. It almost looks like you have a kitchen with all the drawers and cabinets you have. Thanks for posting.

  5. alright Mrs. McCumbee...when are you coming down again so you can help me arrange my classroom? I'm excited about doing it a bit different this year since I'll only be teaching Math and SS :)