Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Missing My Students

I don't know about you, but I miss my students so much. I keep getting letters in the mail from them, phone calls and emails and it breaks my heart. I decided the only way to get us through the summer is to plan a summer book club, so starting tomorrow we are going to meet at the library and share our favorite books. The worse part about teaching is seeing you babies move to a new grade, and yet its also the best part because you know you helped get them there. Talk about bittersweet. Any ideas on how we can make our summer book club memorable and fun?


  1. create a book club tshirt? Students can wear these shirts all summer and then show it off next school year? Do some kind of reading club passport, bookmark?? Hmmm (I'll keep thinking!)

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  2. I feel you! I miss my students too. The hardest part for me is always the first week back to school. They usually wander in my room once they get a handle on their new class and I'll turn around and there they are. It's so bittersweet! They're back but they are no longer mine....*sniffle*

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  3. I understand. I looped with my first class, preK, K, and 1st and then launched a summer book club. I totally understand! Yes, then they "automatically" enter your classroom in the mornings, and drop by to checkout any changes or things they are missing by moving on!

    Every summer we have a "Summer Bash" and ALL of my former students...even summer tutor students, come and it is too cool! My backyard looks like an old-fashioned children's home during recess! A total blast and these kids are just as special now, as they were then, and the next kids will be!