Monday, May 9, 2011

Thank You, Mom!

I have always wanted a set of couches for my classroom, and this week I finally got them! Last weekend my mom and I did our usual girl thing which includes going to every thrift store, antique mall or garage sale within a 60 mile radius. We are pretty crafty people, but its hard to find a project that won't break the bank. Normally we spend hours driving around looking for that special find, but this weekend, I hit the jackpot. The first thrift store we stopped at had a pair of old orange couches. They were disgusting, but I knew my mom would work wonders on them. I offered the cashier $25 for the pair and loaded them in the truck.

Then, after getting them home we tore them apart and used the old orange cushions as a pattern. I found some beautiful fabric for $73, and my mom got to work. After five days of hard work, my mom had made us a beautiful set of couches. The students could hardly contain themselves when I brought them in. I can't believe I only have $100 in the pair. What a steal . We also got the pink table for free from our church and repainted it to fit the decore.

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  1. I love how warm and inviting your reading corner is!!It's exactly what I'm working towards! I love it :)