Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Super Cute Mother's Day Gifts

If you're like me... Mother's Day ideas are hard to come by. After scouring the Internet for what felt like hours, my teammate found a super cute idea on another blog. we are obsessed with blogging! This project turned out to be perfect because we were able to find scrap lumber and even rope in a photographer to take pictures of our kiddies for FREE! After this project was complete, I may have $10 invested in it! I love a good deal : )

After our assistant's husband cut the wood, we used acrylic paint and watered it down so It would stain the wood. The students chose the colors they wanted their block to be and painted them. They had so much fun getting their hands dirty. Then after the paint dried, the students put dots on the frame using their fingers. Once everything had dried we used decoupage to paste the picture to the wood and protect the picture and paint. The end product was really cute.

The students will wrap their gift in bulletin board paper and make their parents a card. Because we have been learning about poetry, I am thinking I will also send home their poetry journal as part of the gift as well.

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  1. I LOVE the quote on the back of your gift. It is sooo true... my tagged facebook pictures are all of my children-- non of Mommy! I think I might have even teared up :)