Thursday, May 5, 2011

Shhh... The Babies Are Sleeping

Yesterday our caterpillars finally arrived, and my kiddies are very curious about them. Each week I assign a science center and in it the students can explore lots of exciting things. This week, I put some life cycle books, a butterfly Weekly Reader, a few magnifying glasses, and our new babies. The students are so anxious to get to the center that during transition time, I often see them taking the long way to their seat.. hoping to catch a sneak peak.

I love the idea of a science center! I try to coordinate it with things that we are learning about during Readers Workshop. A few weeks ago we read the story Bad Dog Dodger and so I bought a few dog figurines from the Dollar Store and brought in pictures of my dog. I even let them read English Bulldogs for Dummies. Even though this center is always hands on, I try to incorporate either a thinking map or writing piece. This component helps monitor who has been to the center and keeps the students accountable. Do you have any cute science center ideas?

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  1. I love your Science Center! We have babies sleeping in our classroom too! So darn cute Mrs. Mccumbee! I am you new follower!