Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"I'm Thinking..I Got It!"

When I first started teaching, I struggled a lot with appropriate wait time. I would ask students a question and then as soon as hands went up I would allow students to answer them. Recently I went to a SIOP workshop and I received a strategy book called 99 Ideas and Activities for teaching English Learners with the SIOP Model, by Mary Ellen Vogt and Jana Echevarria. In this book they had the cutest idea! It had a blackline master of two buttons, one button said "I'm Still Thinking" and the other said "I Got It!". My students love these buttons. I had my assistant copy them on red and green card stock and laminate them. I attached them to each students desk and now when I ask the class a question hands do not all fly up in the air at once. They place their hand on the appropriate button. I can easily survey the class for who is still thinking, and the other students are not distracted by the anxious students around them.


  1. awesome idea I like this a lot!

  2. I use these too! I love them and so do my students in K and Grade 1. We sit in a circle and they place the thinking card on top of the got it cart until they have got it. I can easily see when most of the colours have changed and provide hints targeted to students who haven't got it yet. It also takes the pressure off to pick eager repeat hand-raisers.