Sunday, May 15, 2011


What is a favicon? A favicon is the graphic that is beside the URL in your address bar.
If you would like to change your favicon all you need to do is create a graphic in Photoshop and size it from 16 X 16 pixels up to 32 X 32 pixels and save it as a PNG on you hard drive.
Then, create a post about your favicon. You will need to get the URL that goes with you graphic. You do this by going to your post and right clicking on the image you uploaded.
Then, click on properties and copy the URL address. You will need this later. Next go into your layout page and click on the Edit HTML tab. Scroll down slightly and look for the following code:

Once you find this code you will post the following code in front of it
Finally you will add the URL address for your image inside this code where is says, URL of your image.
I hope this helps. Below is a picture of my favicon :) This favicon does not show up in IE- I'm not sure why .

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