Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Book Nook

My classroom has had a lot more visitors than normal thanks to our new couches. Several of the teachers have came by to see the new furniture and take a break. One day this week, before school, one of my teammates stopped by with her coffee and we sat on the couch talking about the year and how things have gone. Foxy (that's my teammatea name) said my new couches reminded her of a coffee shop or a little cafe. In that moment, we had an idea, to name the area "the literary Cafe" this sounded great to us because we were reading The Cafe. I loved this idea! I am all about "theming" things up. After talking with several colleagues about our idea, one of them suggested I name it "The Book Nook". The next morning, I sat my kids down on the carpet and we talked about what names we liked and they agreed that The Book Nook was their favorite. That day after school, I went to the craft store and picked up some white letters to place behind my couches. Then my assistant helped me wrap the letters in newspaper to give them some extra flare. I think they came out really cute!


  1. WOW!! Our district is super strict when it comes to paper and other items in the classroom. In simple terms, we would never get away with having "homey" furniture in our classroom :( I love, love what you did with your book nook. I can just imagine the kids getting comfy on the couch and reading!!


  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Book Nook (aka. The Cafe). I have fun plopping down on one of those couches in the mornings before the kiddos come in. Very relaxing!! Love, Foxy!