Monday, March 18, 2013

Guided Reading- Question Sticks

Last week I decided to change my guided reading groups a little bit. I wrote in a previous post about how each member in the group was responsible for a job. I also shared the job necklaces that my students wear in their groups. A few days ago while searching the internet for a way to ensure that my students were thinking deeply about the text, I ran across some reading sticks with question stems.

I loved the question stems, but it seemed as if the questions were based on picture books. I needed questions that my students could use during chapter books. Therefore I created the Wiz-Kid Sticks. I printed the questions on mailing labels and then stuck them to tongue depressors. I love how they came out! My students love using the sticks and I feel it helps them with discussing the book.

Today I am linking up with Manic Monday to offer you my Wiz-Kid Sticks for free. You can download a free copy by clicking below or heading over to the side bar and clicking on professional development. If you have not been there before there are many free downloads. Enjoy!


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