Sunday, February 17, 2013

Turning Your Classroom Into A Novel

Last month we started reading The Secret Garden and I am enjoying watching the students become so excited about the novel. I wanted to help create a buzz about the book and get the students excited about it and so I enlisted the help of some wonderful parents. In one week we changed my classroom into The Secret Garden.

I had an image in my head when I begin decorating my classroom. I wanted my classroom door to resemble a gate into the garden. Therefore when students entered my classroom they were entering the garden. I think we succeeded.

Photo: Welcome to the secret garden

I also wanted an area in the classroom where the kids could go and feel like they were sitting in the garden. I  wanted the students to see Misselthwaite Manor in the room. Therefore I found a picture of a large castle and enlarged it on our poster maker. Now when may students are sitting in the garden they can look out into the distance and see Misselthwaite Manor.


One of my parents were even able to locate a red breasted robin. We move the robin around each day as if to lead the students through the garden. My students love to see if they can find where the robin is today.

Next month my old teamie and I will be presenting at the NC reading conference on the idea of getting students invested into the novel you are reading. If you are planning on going to the confrence we would love to see you!


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  1. What an incredible idea:) Love that and I'm sure your students did even more! What an wonderful way to inspire reading:))) Thanks for sharing:)

    4th Grade Frolics