Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fluency Intervention Group- Building Fluency With Poetry!

Friends my students are begging me to go to their fluency groups! Why? My school has several flip cameras that teachers can check out so I have checked out three for my fluency groups. Everyday for 20 minutes my fluency kiddos take a flip camera, a bean bag and their fluency book into the hallway to begin their groups. Of course I have modeled, model and modeled what good reading sounds like. We have had multiple mini- lessons on speed, intonation and accuracy so they know how to set goals for themselves.

Once each pair is ready they open one of my fluency books and used the flip camera to record their cold read. Students listen to their cold read and then make a goal for themselves for the day. For example, one student wrote "I need to work on not adding extra words". I gave her a cute finger pointer (see below) and set her on their way.  I always find using fun finger pointers encourage tracking and students love them! I have claws for the boys and wands for the girls.


After the cold read, students practice reading the story three times keeping their goals in mind. Then, they record their last read with the flip camera. After listing to their final reading, students reflect in their journal on how they have progressed as a reader. I always choose one group who worked extra hard for a treat.

My fluency books are You Read to Me, I'll Read to You. My students BEG to read these books. These books are written with fluency readings in mind. Each book contains many short familiar stories written in prose format. The poems have two different colors so students know which color they read It is a lot like readers theater scripts. Click below to see an example of how it is set up.


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  1. I love these books and so do my students. It is about time for me to pull them out again for Read to Someone!