Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Booking" A Trip Through North Carolina- Using Literature to Teach the Regions of North Carolina

Last week I was finally allowed to begin setting up my new classroom. I have went there the last few days and have set up the shell of my classroom. This week I have been working more on the curriculum I am going to teach next year.

After speaking with the most wonderful teacher in the world and my mentor (Mrs. Williamson, team HES!) I have decided to do a BIG unit called "Booking" A Trip Through North Carolina. I am super excited about this unit as it aligns with our reading, social studies and science Common Core standards. It is all about integration!

I intend to teach students about the different regions of North Carolina through literature. I love this idea because students can actually visit all the places they are reading about which builds parental involvement and increases students interest levels. I have already ordered a TON of books and have even spoke with some wonderful authors about working with our class. I have not mapped out the whole unit yet but I envisioned it to look like a simulated Interact Unit in which students are given a map of North Carolina and have to plot out their reading journey along the way. Each stop along the map will involve students completing a postcard and a learning ticket of some sort.

I also thought students could study famous people from North Carolina and learn about how North Carolina has played a large role in the history of the United States.

I am wondering if there are others of you who have done similar units of study? If so, how did you map it out. Are there any other wonderful things about NC that I should incorporate?


  1. The Museum of History in Raleigh has boxes that you can have mailed to you, with artifacts, readings, and activities for each region. My students LOVED them last year!

  2. Thank you Sara! I looked those up and they are neat! I am excited about 4th grade and oh so scared ha! We need to do lunch soon :)

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  4. This sounds really cool! My mind is turning as to how I can use this for my second graders! By the way-I'm from NC too! :-)


  5. Mrs. McCumbee,

    I nominated you for an award. Please stop by to pick it up.


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