Saturday, July 9, 2011

Trash To Treasure

     I am linking up with Oh' Boy Fourth Grade because they are hosting an awesome linky party called Trash To Treasure! This is right up my alley because my mom and I spend most weekends shopping for classroom finds. My best Trash To Treasure find is my classroom couches.
     Yikes! Those are gross! A few months ago my mom and I found some pitiful, stained orange couches at a thrift store. After bargaining with the owner I got two orange couches for $25. Then my mom who is a wonderful sewer helped me strip the couches down to the frame. We sanded the wood frame down and painted it white. We searched over 100 miles for fabric to fit my classroom perfectly. In Wilmington, NC we found the perfect fabric for $73. My mom spent the rest of the week working on her sewing machine. Five days later we had two beautiful couches. If you could see tyhe couches in real life there is a lot of time and detail put into the. My mom made the cushions so they can unzip and be washed. We also found the table in the corner from a church who was giving it away and we painted it pink, it was multi colored before that.

* The Book Nook letters I bought at AC Moore and I wrapped in newspaper.
     On another shopping spree at Goodwill my mom purchased a $20 white bookshelf for my classroom. When I got it, I knocked out three of the shelves and painted it pink (it's my favorite color!). I moved it into my classroom, but it was too tall so I decided to lay it on its sides. Now it is the perfect place for students to buddy read! Sadly, I do not have a before picture.

      We also built the benches below for my class using scrap wood my dad found on a job. We are pretty crafty people!

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  1. THANKS for joining my partay!!! LOVE your T2Ts

  2. Those couches are BEAUTIFUL!! I am thoroughly jealous! I don't sew, my mom doesn't sew...SO I guess I am out of luck!!
    Come visit me at Life's a Teach!! for my Target giveaway!!

  3. That couch turned out AMAZING! I literally said "wow" out loud when I was reading this!

    Miss Kindergarten

  4. I'm from Wilmington! How exciting to see that you found your fabric there :)

  5. I so admire the talent of people like you that have the knack to have a vision for what something could become.
    A decorator I am not.

    Yearn to Learn Blog