Monday, July 25, 2011

New (School) Year Resolution

I am linking up with Clutter-Free Classroom who is having a linky party about your resolutions for this school year. I love this idea because it great to be reflective and set new goals for yourself. This year I have several resolutions:

1. To try and confer with students everyday during Reader's Workshop and Writer's Workshop.
Sometimes it can be hard to confer with students and because I am so OCD, when my room is a mess I struggle to fight the urge to straighten up during independent reading time. This year, I will leave the cleaning to my kiddos. I will set aside five minutes to have them clean up before recess and dismissal.

2. To allow time for my students to have conversations with me.
Sometimes I get so caught up teaching that I don't allow students to share things about their personal lives. This year my students always had connections. Connections while I was reading, connections during mini- lessons and connections during presentations. It was so distracting that we even used a signal of two fingers touching to signal that they had a connection, but that it didn't necessarily need to be shared with everyone. This year, I would like to start of the day by talking, discussing our weekends, our homework, sports, family time, tooth loss etc.

3. To bring healthier lunches to school, and stop eating candy during snack time.
Last year, was a year of giving the teacher Snickers (my favorite candy). Although I loved seeing all the Snickers, baked cookies and ice cream it was not healthy! This year, I would like to pack my lunch the night before and put in healthy snacks. I am determined to loose what I gained this year.

I am really looking forward to a great year with a bunch of cute new kiddos!

Clutter-Free Classroom

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